precision quality

Quality is paramount to our ethos and our quality and inspection processes ensure we maintain and exceed the high standards our customers expect


unrivalled customer service

We remain dedicated to provide the highest quality of customer service to all our partners, supplier and customers.


worldwide distribution

High volume exporter of products direct to customers globally. Established global Distributor and Agent network.


Bespoke items

IVI Metallics can supply bespoke tacks and nails to your own specifications in a range of shapes, sizes and materials for any industry on a made-to-order basis. They can be for hand use, machine feed or air gun applications.

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Footwear tacks & nails

IVI Metallics supply and manufacture a wide range of tack and nail products for the footwear industry. Our major brands are IVI and Moenus

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Brush assembly pins

IVI Metallics is the world leader in brush assembly pin manufacture. Our pins are wax coated as standard to enhance machine feeding properties.

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Cable clip pins

We can supply cable clip manufacturers with machine quality pins in a range of sizes to suit all cable clips from narrow telephone clips to wide pipe work clips.

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Carpet gripper

IVI Metallics is a major supplier and manufacturer of nails for carpet gripper production in the UK and the USA. Our precision made pins and nails ensure easy, efficient manufacture of carpet gripper.

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Fixing nails & pins

IVI Metallics fixing nails and pins are suitable for hand use, air guns and machine applications. They are so versatile they can be used in almost any industry where one item needs to be fixed to another, from folder hinges to furniture.

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Masonry Nails

IVI Metallics masonry nails are manufactured from high grade austempered carbon steels.

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Welcome to IVI Metallics

We manufacture precision quality tacks and nails, (including threaded, hardened and plated products) both for the footwear industry, and also for any other industry requiring the highest quality standards.

Our products are manufactured to exacting tolerances for a diverse range of industries worldwide for hand, machine and air gun applications.With over 100 years of manufacturing expertise we offer an unrivalled range of quality tacks and nails, supplemented with continuous quality checks and first class customer service. We can also manufacture bespoke tacks and nails in a range of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes for any industry.

The worlds leading Manufacturer of Nails and Tacks for Industry.
Based out of a 35000 sq. ft site in Leicestershire, we pride ourselves on our superior quality products, ability to produce bespoke products and experience within the market.

With a brand established in 1899, our staff are trained to the highest level in order to consistently produce British Superior quality products using predominantly British steel.

Our products include Paint Brush assembly pins, panel pins, cable clip pins, masonry nails, furniture nails to name a few. We are the industry leader supplying the shoe making/repair trade, roofing and fascia industry, building companies and many more.

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